Steampunk - Tube Set II (SN: 120)

David Hippedinger alias Steampunk Tools
My name is David Hippedinger and i am an artist who loves to work with metals. All my designs are based on Steampunk and are handmade crafted.

I live in Germany and if you want to meet me in person, you can come to some fairs which i publish in my blog on this website.


Some people asked me how i found that passion and love to metals.

It's not an easy question but let me explain. I always try to see things from a different perspective. Back in my childhood, I was fascinated by people who transformed ordinary objects into something special. And most of all I loved to see what is possible with metals. It's like it always seems impossible until it's done.


As time goes by i figured out more and more how i create my own items using metals. The details, textures, functions and designs are completely self-designed and took a very long process.

But they are worth it.


It's not the passion of working with metals.

It's the passion for discovering new ways of doing things.




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